I am a PhD student currently enrolled in the Earth and planetary sciences program at UC Riverside. I focus on detection and characterisation of exoplanets and exomoons in the habitable zone of their stars, with particular interest in low mass exoplanets (or Mars analogs) in the habitable zone. I recently completed my post bachelor honours in astrophysics at USQ, Australia during which I completed a study that identified 72 known giant planets in the habitable zones of their stars that have the potential to host large terrestrial exomoons. As these moons would also be in the habitable zone of their star, they have the potential to be life holding worlds. As part of my PhD I am conducting follow up observations of some of these giant planets that have shown indications of other planets in orbit. 

Prior to this I completed my bachelors in applied physics and astrophysics at University of New England and San Francisco State University. Here I worked on the occurrence rates of giant exoplanets in the habitable zone of their star and found that while giant planets are less likely to be found in the habitable zone than terrestrial planets, if each giant planet is host to more than one moon then exomoons could be more numerous than terrestrial planets in the habitable zone of their star.

I am also a commercial pilot and currently hold an Australian ATPL with plans to convert this to an FAA APT.







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